About Us

At the Wesley Mission Center we are committed to a holistic perspective of development.

Our Mission

Empowering people on their journey to self-sufficiency and wholeness.. We accomplish our mission by:


We help meet immediate food and financial needs, and work with our clients towards long-term goals.


Mansfield ISD residents are our primary focus.


We recognize each of us has a unique story and we want to be a catalyst wherever one is on their own path.


We work in a manner to avoid creating dependency.


It is our vision to see each person live their life to its fullest, as God intended.

Our Vision

To see the lives of 2020 families transformed by 2020.

Our Values

Christ-centered: our love for Jesus motivates our work and centers our purpose.

Relational: we foster supportive networks of people among community members, volunteers and staff.

Community-focused: we are responsive to the needs of the community and recognize the importance of partnership with churches and other agencies to attain the greatest impact.

Compassionate: we care deeply about those we serve which include clients, customers, volunteers and staff and we are responsive to their unique situation.

Stewards: we do our best to maximize donations and to nurture the staff and volunteers entrusted to us.