Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching focuses on helping individuals change their financial behaviors.  Financial coaching supports individuals and families in dealing with issues like poor credit, unmanageable debt, and lack of savings. As coaching participants receive help with their money management skills, they are able to improve their credit.  Better credit can allow easier access to low interest credit products where you can start to build assets like a home, car, or retirement savings. 

Your empowerment coach can also assist you in coming up with a workable plan for paying down debt and/or increasing your income. This can allow you to begin saving for emergencies and for your family’s future. 

Financial coaching is empowering for our program participants because it puts YOU in the “driver’s seat”.  You decide what financial goals are most important for you to work on: budgeting, saving, credit, debt, or employment.  Your empowerment coach is there to guide you, and give you the knowledge and tools you need to make the best financial decision possible for you and your family.

Financial coaching is free of charge to all our Financial Empowerment Program participants. To learn more and to sign up for your personal empowerment coach, please contact our offices: (817) 473-6650.